Computer Science Takes the Lead in Children’s Education Franchise Opportunities

Why Computer Science is Trending in Children’s Education Franchises

We can all stand behind a child’s quality of education, and we care deeply about whether you are a parent, guardian, teacher, or relative of a child. We all understand the importance of having high-quality education and the difference this can make in a child’s life. The area of computer science is an ever-burgeoning field with unlimited growth potential as our world is constantly changing with new technologies and advancements. Kids are more engrossed in technology now than ever before in the history of humankind – and that is only going to increase, that is a fact. Giving children the opportunity to learn a valuable and necessary new language like coding is quite literally giving them the language of the future. Coding will allow children to build new worlds full of creativity, vision, and unlimited possibilities.  

Why Choose Computer Science

From the moment we wake up in the morning until the end of our day, we constantly interact with computer science technology. It is such a part of our everyday lives that most times, we take it for granted. Our phone app that sends us messages or places calls, our calendar app that reminds us of the day’s tasks, our email apps that send us updates on new messages, our social media apps that give us updates on our friends, family, and the news. This is just what technologies we use when we get up to start our day. Countless applications of computer science are making humans’ lives the world over much easier, safer, healthier, and advanced. Here are just a few:

Transportation – Would you have ever dreamt we would now have self-driving cars at our fingertips? Everyone nowadays has heard of Elon Musk and his autonomous vehicles. One of the most recent developments in computer science in this field was in June 2022, when Cornell researchers created a technology that allows autonomous cars to have “memories” of their driving experiences to apply to other future driving. This could mean remembering how to handle that curve near your house when there is heavy rain or how to avoid that pothole on the way to work.

Weather/Environmental Science – A team of talented geologists updated their supercomputer in conjunction with monitoring the volcanic activity of the Galapagos Islands. They installed a new volcanic forecast modeling program that helped them accurately predict the eruption of the Sierra Negra volcano in the Galapagos Islands 6 months prior!

Medicine – Researchers are trying to use AI to see if they can use the same technology that helps other patients with critical impairments related to the brain to help Alzheimer’s patient’s ability to recognize objects. Even if a child is not interested in STEM technologies or a future job path in IT, the benefits they reap from learning computer science are invaluable. This education will help them with their everyday problem-solving and mental computation skills. They will learn to look at problems in a completely different way and break down a complex problem into smaller parts. Giving children a solid computer science education will help them improve their language skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.  

The Need for Access to Computer Science Education is Real

A recent Gallup poll of parents of school admins stated that 9 out of 10 parents want their children to learn computer science. And it’s obvious why they feel that way! It gives their children an invaluable source of information, spurs their creativity, and the problem-solving skills they need to handle life’s challenges.   Our Access Report states that only 45% of high schools teach students a computer science-based curriculum. Because of this, we at Code Wiz wanted to give students the access they need to have a solid foundation of education in computer science. Our classes and camps are designed for kids to provide them with the skills they need while keeping them engaged in the process.   If you are passionate about technology and kids and are interested in pursuing a franchise opportunity that is family-friendly and beneficial to your community, we’d love to hear from you!


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