Why Coding for kids?

Computers and software are changing the way we interact, work, create, do business, and problem-solve. But even with computers and technology fundamentally shaping our world, only 47% of American High Schools teach computer science.

Overwhelmingly, both students and parents are seeking out options for computer science education. A recent Access Report says that 90% of parents want their child to study computer science, and polled students show that children list computer science and performing arts as the classes they most enjoy.

Why Now?

STEM and computer science classes are often considered to be ‘specialized’ because people assume that the skills children learn in these classes are only useful for careers in engineering or programming. But coding has proven to be a FOUNDATIONAL skill, not a vocational one. Learning to code improves problem-solving, creativity, and logic: Skills valuable in all areas of life and in all kinds of professions.