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How do Code Wiz Classes work?

At Code Wiz, the coding and robotics classes are designed to be customizable and flexible to the child’s abilities and interests. We do this by offering a wide variety of cutting-edge classes that are challenging, but not too challenging that they become discouraging.

Each child has access to their own online dashboard to track and work on their projects, attend classes with our engaging coaches, and talk to their friends. The classes are loosely separated into 7-9 year olds, 10-12 years olds, and 13+ with many flexible options for kids who need more or less challenging classes at different ages.

Program Options Available

Coding and
Robotics Classes

School Vacation and
Summer Camps

Coding Classes


Fun Events

**Family nights, parents night out, date night etc.

How are We Different?

If you become a franchise owner with the Code Wiz Franchise you will get asked this question often so listen close! Code Wiz has four core elements that make our education model unique:

1. Montessori Style Approach

In this approach, children drive their own learning. We never assume two children will learn identically so within our various classes and curriculums we customize the learning process for each child. For example, in a Roblox class each kid is learning Roblox coding but their games will each look different.

2. Family Portal

This is a completely unique platform proprietary to the Code Wiz Franchise. Families have access to the Code Wiz Family Portal where they can see their child’s progress. Children take ownership of their own progress through this platform. Plus, as they complete classes and projects they earn wiz bucks, our fictional currency, which they can use in our merch store. One child has been saving all of his wiz bucks so he can buy Code Wiz one day!

3. Achievement Rewards System

We believe children should be rewarded for effort and time, not completion of courses. If you complete a project, we believe you deserve recognition even if you did not complete the course. We share recognition through badges and (of course!) wiz bucks.

4. Cutting Edge Courses

We are on the very edge of technology developments and we keep courses relevant and updated. Sometimes too much! We started Augmented Reality (AR) classes before snapchat filters became popular – very few people even knew what AR was and how it would take the world by storm.