Ruth Agbaji Featured in Forbes

Ruth Agbaji writes an article for Forbes explaining how sharing your unique story is your most powerful PR Strategy.

If I close my eyes, I can still vividly remember the moment that my mentor recommended I create videos and more authority-building posts to share on social media. “What would I even talk about?” was my response. The idea of filming myself talking to nothing and then posting it for the world to see was far from appealing. “Why don’t you try sharing some of your story?” was her suggestion. Telling my story? Why? Nobody cares about what I have to say. I mean, I knew my story was unique, but no one is really all that interested. Right? Wrong. As soon as I began sharing my story of immigrating to the US from Nigeria, teaching myself to code, and starting my business, I saw more and more people come into my life who genuinely wanted to help me, and see me succeed. I saw more customers drawn to my story and signing their kids up for coding classes because they wanted their kids to have the same opportunities that learning to code afforded me.

Far too many businesses are known exclusively by their name or logo. Large corporations or more established brands with big PR and marketing budgets can get away with this strategy. But for emerging brands with tight budgets, the most powerful PR move is to tell the personal, and sometimes raw, story behind your brand…READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

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